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For more information on the Foundation or to apply for funds please contact:
The Howard-Suamico Education Foundation
2700 Lineville Road
Green Bay,
WI 54313

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Education Foundation

What we do

The Howard-Suamico Education Foundation provides funds and financial services to students, teachers, administrators, parents and school organizations.

The Board of Directors reviews all requests for financial assistance at its monthly meetings and determines if the requests meet its MISSION.

Why we do it

The VISION of  HSEF is the leading entity in connecting community resources to educational opportunities for the betterment of society.  The H-S Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization which means all donations are tax deductible.

This tax-free status encourages donations which allows the foundation to achieve its Vision and Mission.

How we do it

The Foundation raises funds to achieve its Vision and Mission by soliciting companies, alumni, other Foundations, citizens and employees.

Our Mission is

Our mission is to support innovative projects, leadership development, and scholarships by raising, managing, and distributing funds for the educational benefit of HSSD students.


Board Members

Gay Duclon, President
Greg Klimek, Vice President
Larry Dunning, Secretary
Laura Barnard, Treasurer
Kay Ferguson, Director
Michelle Geissler, Director
John Keller, Director
Tom Madigan, Director
Jayne McQuillan, Director
Fred Stieg, Director
Tiffany Wiebel, Director
Jeff Puissant, Advisor
Damian LaCroix, Liaison
Betty Zimdars, Liaison