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EEK! Environmental Education for Kids  - Learn more about the great outdoors!  From the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Science Fair Central

Science Digs

Grade 1

Grade 3


Fun Page for Kids!!  - There are lots of fun activities on this page for kids to learn more about plants.  From the KinderGarden website.

Glossopedia: Plants

The Great Plant Escape

Kids for Trees

Plant Nutrition

Potato Story

Revise Wise Science: Plants

Saguaro Cactus

What's It Like Where You Live? (Plant Adaptations)

Wonderful World of Trees

Human Body:  Support Systems


The Body: Structure and Function

Bone Zone

Bones Exhibit

Build a Skeleton

Mr. Bones Human Skeleton Assembly Activity

Skeletal System

Skeleton Shakedown

Your Bones

Your Gross & Cool Body

HowStuffWorks: Muscles

KidsHealth: Muscles

Muscles of the Human Body

Strains and Sprains Are a Pain

Your Multi-Talented Muscles

Rocks, Minerals & Soil

Cave of the Winds

Dig It! The Secrets of Soil

Dirt on Soil

Dirtmeister: Erosion

Earth Our World in Motion

Geo Mysteries

Minerals Matter  - (FAQ parts, plus others)

Mining ROCKS!

Neighborhood Rocks

Out of the Rock

Rock Cycle

Rock Hounds with Rocky

Rock Types of Wisconsin

Rocks for Kids

Rocks, Minerals and Erosion

SK Worm Answers Your Questions about Soil

Soil Biological Communities

Soiled Again!

Super Science Soil Sleuths

Windows to the Universe: Geology

Solar System

Amazing Space

Astronomy for Kids

Astronomy for Kids and Supervised Adults

Astronomy Our Place in Space


Exploring the Planets

Kids Astronomy.com

Let's Explore the Nine Planets

Magic School Bus Space Tour


NASA Solar System Exploration

The Nine Planets

Our Place in Space



We Choose the Moon

ZOOM Planets

Grade 2

Grade 4

Changing Technology/Careers in Science

All about Engineering

ASEE Engineering K12 Center

Becoming a Scientist

Careers in Physiology

EEK! Get a Job

Engineering Careers

The Fun Works...for Careers You Never Knew Existed - Click on the Science link toward the bottom right.

Health and Science Careers

If You Like Science

Interesting People - Learn about different professions and career choices.

NASA Career Expo

Tech Museum: National Medal of Technology

Tech Museum: Robotics

Tech Museum: The Satellite Site


Amusement Park Physics

What is Friction?

Why Gravity Causes Things to Fall

Your Weight on Other Worlds

Health: Control Systems

Brain Drain

Brain Is the Boss

Brains Rule!

CyberAnatomy 101: Brain

Hillendale Health: Nervous System

Inside the Brain

MedMan: Nervous System

MEDtropolis Virtual Body

Neuroscience for Kids

Science Fact File: Inside the Human Body


AC/DC: What's the Difference?

Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Engineering Interact

Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratory

Get a Charge out of Electricity

How Stuff Works

Learning Circuits

Physics for Kids: Electricity and Magnetism

Revise Wise Science: Electricity

Shocking Truth about Electricity

Thomas Edison's Home Page


Alien Earths

Amazing Space

Ask Dr. Universe

Astronomy Our Place in Space


The Black Hole Gang


Cosmos4Kids.com: Galaxies

Cosmos4Kids.com: Stars

How Telescopes Work

Hubble: A View to the Edge of Space

Hubble Space Telescope

Interactive Sky Charts



NASA Solar System Exploration


Star Journey

Sun-Earth Viewer

Welcome to the Planets