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The ELL program in the Howard Suamico School District is designed to:
  • Help ELLs achieve proficiency in speaking, in listening comprehension, and in reading and writing English.
  • Provide ELLs the necessary language skills to function comparably to their native English-speaking peers in academic and social situations.
  • Offer a high-quality education that values and promotes students' sense of pride in their home languages and native cultures.
  • Encourage all students and families in the District to respect and appreciate countries and cultures different from their own.
  • Involve all HSSD educators, students' families, and community members in the education of our ELL students.




Currently the Howard-Suamico School District has English Language Learners who speak the following languages aside from English:

Arabic, Bulgarian, German, Gujarati, Hindi,  Hmong, Jamaican Creole, 
Mandarin Chinese,
Marathi, Portuguese, Russian, Somali,
Spanish, Swiss German,  Tagalog, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Program Description


The Howard-Suamico School District English as a Second Language Program is committed to ensuring that all of our students receive the best education possible. The HSSD ELL Program supports learners in developing English language needed to succeed in school and beyond.  Language instruction is delivered by licensed ELL teachers and highly qualified ELL paraprofessionals at the elementary, junior high and high school levels.  Instruction is delivered in English and targets the development of both language and academic content.

Our K-12 ELL instructional model emphasizes learning language through content. ELL teachers help students build a foundation of content knowledge, academic problem-solving skills, and language proficiency.  Our program is designed to help limited English-proficient students improve their English speaking, reading, writing, and listening and empower them to become self-sufficient in a general education classroom.

** This site is designed to inform parents, students, educators and other community members about current HSSD ELL programming, resources and provide related links to other useful information.

Kourtney Feldhausen
ELL Coordinator

Howard Elementary

Sheng Yang
ELL Teacher and Hmong Interpreter/Translator
Howard Elementary

Veronica Zarate
Spanish Billngual Aide

Layla Ali
Somali bilingual aide

Forest Glen Elementary

Amelia Holman
ELL Teacher


Bay Harbor, Meadowbrook and
Suamico Elementary

Kelsey Lealiou


Lineville Intermediate School

Holly Komp
ELL Teacher


Bay View Middle School

Oksana Kobzar-Schweiner

ELL Teacher and Russian/Ukrainian Interpreter/Translator


Bay Port High School

Susan Erickson
ELL Teacher

Brian Gerondale
ELL Instructional Aide