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Kathy Anderson
Graphic Artist and
Print Center Supervisor

Cathy Hansen
Debbie Thompson


Bay View Middle School
1217 Cardinal Lane
Green Bay, WI 54313
Fax 920-662-7979

Templates for
Business Cards or Tickets
Located in E: Common
Distwide- 1PrintCenter

For card/tickets all the same-
you only need to have one design and document will print 12 per page
For cards/tickets all different-
you will need to set 12 different per page

The Print Center recycles paper-please call 662-8125- Thank You

The District Print Center provides printing, collating, stapling and binding services to district staff.  The Print Center also provides desktop publishing services for district newsletters; Christmas, music and graduation programs; and for other specialized applications.  The District website also is maintained by the Print Center Supervisor.  Please contact Kathy Anderson, Print Center Supervisor, at  662-8125, for information or with questions.


- Desktop Publising
- Web design
- Printing
- Collating and Stapling
- Binding with Spines (need to provide)
- Booklet making
- 3 hole drill
- Cutting
- Folding machine - half fold, tri-fold
- Business Card/Tickets   (12 per page)

Here are some things we can do along with equipment-
If you have any questions about a job request please feel free to call,
e-mail or drop by the Print Center at Bay View.

Print Center Equipment

Business Cards Collator2 Collator3 Copy Machine Drill EForm Folding Machine Heavy Duty Stapler Ibco Machine Paper Cutter

What's New

File your print center request form
via E-Mail.
E-Print Center Request Form
form may take a few seconds to open

Recycling News

Once again the print center had a very productive year with our recycle program.  We saved 906,775 sheets of paper by running print request on the back side of recycled paper. That is over 181 cases of paper.  Savings of $4,429.

If we wouldn't have run out of paper during the year we could have saved 1,062,771 sheets of paper or 212 cases of paper.  Which would have been $5,155.

If you have any one sided paper that is being thrown away we would be happy to put it to good use and recycle it for you.

Thank You.

The print center saved over  1,005,524 sheets of paper by running print request on the back side of recycled paper. That is over 201 cases of paper.