Social Workers
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Contact Information:

Michelle Dahlke
(920) 662-7260        

Schools:  Bay Port High, Forest Glen Elementary and Howard Elementary


Maureen Mommaerts        
(920) 662-7962        

Schools:  Bay Harbor Elementary, Bay View Middle, and Homeless Coordinator


Bobbi Nowaczyk                
(920) 662-5001       

Schools:  Lineville Intermediate, Meadowbrook Elementary and Suamico Elementary   

School social workers focus on the emotional, behavioral, social, and family factors that affect a student’s learning in school.  Outcomes for students related to school social work services are increased achievement, safety, attendance, social-behavioral competency, and family and community involvement. 

School Social Workers Provide:

  • Assistance when a crisis occurs at school or home
  • Intervention with attendance and related issues
  • Case management services for homeless students and their families 
  • Referrals for various community and school services
  • Intervention strategies for students who experience difficulty in their lives resulting from chemical abuse, either their own or someone else’s
  • Conflict resolution
  • Individual and group counseling to help students develop problem solving skills
  • Support groups on a variety of topics
  • Home visits and parent contacts to address attendance, family issues, and home concerns
  • Follow-up services with community agencies
  • Evaluation of emotional and behavioral needs, adaptive and developmental skills
  • Collaboration and consultation with school and community professionals to meet student needs
  • Assistance with alternative school programs


Each school social worker is assigned to two or more schools in the district.  Social workers may be contacted at any of their assigned schools.