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We excel by anticipating the future.

Put simply, the future is coming at us fast. The students of today will work in jobs that don’t exist right now. The change that the future brings affects us all on a personal, local and global level. Howard-Suamico meets the future head-on. We are dedicated to staying flexible and nimble and not allowing the “institutional” urges to overtake our mission in preparing students for the future. We celebrate change while honoring the proven strategies of the past. We prepare students so they too are ready and able to contribute their knowledge, skills and talents effectively. By focusing on future trends and anticipating the needs of students, the vision—developing productive, responsible, civic and globally minded adults who prosper and serve—never loses ground.

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 Thank you for your interest in Howard - Suamico School District and for investing in our most valuable resource – students.

Damian LaCroix

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 Damian LaCroix
 Howard-Suamico School District