You & Youth

Bay Port’s Reality Day Opens Students’ Eyes

On May 20 Bay Port High School held Reality Day.  The partnership project between the Howard-Suamico School District and Fox Communities Credit Union brought together over one-hundred-fifteen business and community volunteers representing forty-eight area businesses.  Thirty students from Bay Port’s DECA club also assisted as three hundred seventy five Bay Port freshmen and sophomores made their way through the financial literacy event.  The financial literacy project teaches students money management skills by immersing the students into the financial life of a thirty year old. 

Using the student’s future career, a monthly paycheck and a life status were given to each student.  Making their way through twenty stations students have deductions taken from their check, purchase a home or rent an apartment, find transportation, pay for insurance, day care, groceries, water, energy, and all the other bills associated with monthly living expenses. 

“Reality Day is a financial literacy event where students have the opportunity to glance into the future and see whether the career they are considering will support the lifestyle they would like as adults. Our goal is to have the students become more aware of their need for financial literacy skills, goal setting, decision-making and career planning,” said Diane Schmidtke, Volunteer and Community Involvement Coordinator for the Howard-Suamico School District.

The HSSD would like to extend a special thank you to Fox Communities Credit Union for their financial support of this project.  

Objective/Mission of the Program:

To enrich each student’s and citizen’s learning and development while building strong school/community relationships with an active, vibrant volunteer and community involvement program.

Specific Objectives of You and Youth:

  • Provide volunteers for enrichment experiences for students to supplement their core curriculum.
  • Provide supervised, individualized educational assistance to students.
  • Provide programmatic and event support for co-curricular activities.
  • Assist teachers with non-instructional duties enabling them to increase their individual attention to students in need.
  • Assist staff with some office and facility duties enabling them to increase their individual attention to needs that have a positive, direct impact on students.
  • Establish a strong culture of civic engagement, service, and volunteerism within our schools and surrounding communities across generations.
  • Stimulate and nurture community interest, concern, and support for our students, teachers, schools, and programs.
  • Stimulate and nurture student interest, concern, and support for the needs within our community.
  • Assist in the improvement of students’ self-worth by increasing the opportunity for educational achievement and success in and out of the classroom.
  • Enhance all aspects of the educational and community development process.
  • Provide opportunities for school/community partnerships that result in mutually benefiting outcomes.